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Fair business ethics, partnership and cooperation for all parties involved.

 “As a working musician, I know how frustrating it can be to try to get people to come to every show. My theory is if you work with the other acts to give people a reason to come, they will. The work to promote each show as if it were one of your biggest to date must be put in, however. Success is fueled by a little extra effort, but MAN, is it worth it.” -Saul Dratman, Owner and Operator

That being said, we also only book at clubs and venues that are fun to attend and are known to have walk-ins (potential new fans and credit gets divided evenly amongst bands*).

As many clubs and promoters do, we also offer members of bands who play a GGP show and draw 30+ people a free admission card (that will include a +1) to any event hosted by us, unless it is a special event*.

Although a pay scale may differ depending on various circumstances, we pledge to make sure the entertainment is paid fairly. If you bring the people, you will be paid accordingly.

*This pertains to events with a cover charge only.

Saul Dratman and Liz Loshikian of Gravity Given Productions.


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